TERRITORIAN by Lara Scolari

TERRITORIAN by Lara Scolari

Date: 24 Nov - 27 Dec 2022
Location: Audrey Fine Art, Pyrmont - Australia

This series, titled Territorian, was inspired by my recent treking adventures to Kakadu National Park, Litchfield National Park, Alice Springs, The Larapinta Trail and Central Austriala in the Northern Territory.

On these treks, I immersed myself in the energy, rhythm, and connection that the native flora and fauna generated.

The colours of the Northern Territory are prominent in this series; green represents new growth and the land’s ability to regenerate itself, dark charcoal grey symbolises the burning-off periods, and red is reminiscent of the rust centre and the blue of the waterways.

Like this sacred land, all the organic colours, forms, and lines I painted are connected and in harmony, reflecting the countryside’s cyclical life cycle and connection.

The Northern Territories landscapes are like a magnetic field; everything runs to the centre, something I wanted to parallel this series by creating a visual force that captures the viewer’s attention.