Awaken your Space with a One-of-a-kind Custom Commissioned Artwork

Made by Renowned Contemporary Australian Artist Lara Scolari

Art Commission

Imagine… a one-of-a-kind original artwork created just for you. A private art commission that evokes thought and sparks joy. A statement piece that draws the eye yet harmonises with your space. Now think… Lara Scolari!

Collaborating with you to conceive a unique composition, size and colour palette, Lara is wholeheartedly dedicated to creating an artwork that resonates deeply with you.

How to commission an artwork from Lara

Step 1.

Lara meets with you on-site* to explore your space. Taking photographs, she delves into colours, mood and size, pinpointing your inherent style and taste.

Step 2.

Showing you a range of suitable compositions, Lara works closely with you to choose the base composition that she will develop for your own artwork.

Step 3.

Lara provides you with an all-inclusive quote to complete the art commission. If you are happy to go ahead, a non-refundable deposit of 50% will be required to commence your project.

Step 4.

Lara begins work - creating two paintings based on your specifications. This gives you a choice between two pieces and also brings rhythm and flow to Lara’s artistic working process.

Step 5.

Keeping you informed with the development of your artwork, which usually takes four to six weeks to complete, Lara sends regular updates to you via email.

Step 6.

The great reveal! Once Lara completes the two works, she meets you onsite*. You select your favourite piece that best suits your space. Congratulations! You can now proudly tell friends and colleagues that you own ‘a Lara Scolari’.

* Within the Sydney metro area. If you are located regionally or interstate, please contact Lara.

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Private & Corporate Art Commissions

A breath of fresh air

Investing in a Lara Scolari art commission is about more than acquiring beautiful artwork for your home or corporate space. It is about the energy it emanates, the connection it inspires and the story that is told through each of its resolved layers. It is about the visceral impact it creates, compelling you to pause, contemplate and embrace its joy.

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Wonderful Feedback

Wonderful Feedback

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