Art Rentals

Art Rental

Easy, convenient & affordable

Art rental is a flexible and economical way to explore and live with art, before making a purchase. It is also perfect for creating an incredible visual impact when selling your home, enhancing the professionalism of your office, styling an event or ensuring your short-term property rental stands out.

Property styling

Thinking of selling your home? Styling your property for prospective buyers can make a huge difference in both the sale price and time spent on the market. Renting Lara Scolari’s original art for a short period enhances the overall presentation of your home, bringing warmth, energy and joy into your property.

Style your property

Corporate Art Rental

Whether you wish to create an excellent first impression for clients or simply want to keep your office, restaurant or hotel looking fresh and vibrant, Lara’s artwork rental offers the perfect solution. Renting ‘a Lara Scolari’ gives you the ability to change your artwork as you wish, at a fraction of the cost (and your rental payments are tax-deductible – it’s a win-win).

Rent Lara's Art

Styling your event

Bringing the X-factor of style to your event, Lara’s artwork heightens the sensory experience for your guests. The perfect backdrop for your event, her art invites a bright and energetic aesthetic. Transforming your space with an abundance of colour, depth and texture, Lara’s paintings add volume and a distinct edge to your event.

Style your event

Short-term holiday rentals

Looking for a unique way to make your Airbnb stand out in the busy short-term rental market? You need ‘a Lara Scolari’! Attracting more guests to stay at your property, renting Lara’s art enhances its appearance and aesthetic. It also gives you the flexibility to update your artwork regularly, keeping your property fresh and revitalised.

Rent Lara's Art

How much does it cost to rent Lara’s art?

Rental is charged at 10% of the value of the artwork. Each rental period is 28 days, with the option to re-commit to an additional period. Alternatively, you may choose to select a different artwork from Lara’s art rental collection.

Enquire about available rentals

The art rental process

Step 1.

Visit the Lara Scolari Gallery or contact Lara to obtain a listing of available art rentals.

Step 2.

Select your favourite work (Lara can provide recommendations on artwork selection for your space).

Step 3.

Sign the rental contract and arrange payment.

Step 4.

Have your artwork delivered (or take it with you).

Step 5.

Hang your artwork, step back and enjoy! (Lara’s team can also help with installation if required).

* Did you know you can purchase your Lara Scolari artwork at any time during the rental period? To do so, simply get in touch with Lara's team. (Please note: Lara is unable to issue credits for lease payments on your art rental).

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