Art Collaborations

Stepping beyond the canvas

Extending her creativity beyond the painted form, Lara embarks on a range of art collaborations with many talented cross-industry design professionals. She has released her own Lara Scolari Collection with both Designer Rugs Australia and Luxe Walls. Her stunning designs are now available in carpet, rugs and luxury wallpaper that adorn high-end residential homes and commercial spaces worldwide.

Design Professionals

Collaborating with a range of design professionals, from interior designers and stylists through to architects and property developers, Lara’s artwork is designed to complement your vision and ideas. Lara has enormous respect for property design and styling and works closely with you to achieve your desired aesthetic.

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Designer Rugs

Featuring her signature organic forms and fluid shapes, the debut Lara Scolari rug collection offers the perfect addition to any modern space. Imbued with energetic lines, harmonic flow and beautiful texture, Lara’s designs have been beautifully translated into hand-tufted New Zealand wool and lustrous bamboo silk.

The Designer Rugs Lara Scolari Collection is available from Designer Rugs Australia.

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Luxe Walls

An exciting art collaboration with Luxe Walls brings Lara’s stunning works into even more homes, in the form of self-adhesive wallpaper. Extending her painting beyond the canvas, you can now adorn your entire wall with Lara’s striking abstract art. Organic, textured and energetic, Lara’s wallpaper collection brings a breath of fresh air to any room.

The Luxe Walls Lara Scolari Collection is available from Luxe Walls.

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Lara is thrilled to work with textile designers and manufacturers across Australia on a range of art collaborations. Reproducing her distinct work onto high quality fabrics, Lara’s unique art explores layered forms, line, shapes and composition, which is intricately translated into stunning fashion and homeware designs.

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