by Lara Scolari

Left Bank Gallery in Southport has brought us the collaboration of two fascinating female artists, Lara Scolari and Amica Whincop.  This exhibition brings together two contemporary female artists with a lot in common but still with their own unique tastes, details and personal observations.

Some Gold Coasters may be familiar with Amica and her work already, as this is not her first exhibition at Left Bank Gallery.

“It’s a beautiful venue, and the team at [Left Bank Gallery] do an incredible job of curating the space, promoting the works. I’ve had wonderful success with my work here in the past,” she says.

This time though, the juxtapositioning of her art with Lara Scolari’s brings out different nuances in her work and the art of the two ladies creates a wonderfully collective, organic art experience.

There are a lot of parallels between the artists; The abstract impressionist style depicting the imperfections in the nature, the serene yet vibrant atmosphere of the canvasses and the nature and organic elements at the base.

“We both have a shared love of fluidity, spontaneity, colour and circular organic form – a lot of similarities”, Amica explains. Lara continues, “Amica and I are kindred spirits and each love to explore the unseen energy and natural world within our art-making practice. Our art works well together, as we both create intuitively and in layers with limited palettes of colour.”

Lara is a Sydney-based artist with a divere background in arts and cultural practices.  Her work is, without a doubt, a culmination of her experiences and talent and has gained her national and international recognition and success.

“The 15 original statement artworks which I have exclusively created for the Voyage exhibition are part of ‘FLUX’, my strong body of work this year”, she tell us.

“With my mum, dad, sister and nephew living in Surfers Paradise for the last 25 years, the Gold Coast feels like my second home. I am was thrilled to visually express my connection with the Gold Coast through my artwork, reflected in colour, energy and the vibe of this magnificent part of the world.”

Amica Whincop lives and works in Gympie, Queensland. Her work continues to gain international and national recognition and has been accredited to engage a wide audience, including those who often disassociate with abstract art.

“Each new collection of paintings I create reflect my desire to capture the beauty, tranquillity and balance informed by the rhythms and energy of the natural world. “, she describes.

Voyage is an exhibition of paintings which particularly examine the ocean and throughout the creation of these works, I held the notion in my mind of the sea as a beautiful metaphor for our own personal journey within ourselves.”

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