by Lara Scolari

DATE: 14 MAY - 15 MAY 2022

Lara Scolari’s freshest body of work “Vim Vitae” expresses the life force & essence of Australia.

Inspired by memory, meditation & music, these gestural paintings explore multilayered translucent veiled organic design elements using a colour palette in sync with our native landscape.

Lara’s “abstract expressionism” draws on a variety of media, developed experimental techniques & processes – creating an exquisite depth that is revealed in the hidden & complex dioramas of her work.

It is this creativity that provides an enlivened space for conversation, contemplation and a resting place for thoughts. VIM VITAE. 18 – 30 March 2020 MAUNSELL WICKES GALLERY 19 Glenmore Road Paddington NSW 2021 Sydney, Australia Tuesday–Saturday 11–5:30pm Sunday 12–5pm

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