Key Benefits Abstract Art Can Bring to Those In Retirement Homes

Key Benefits Abstract Art Can Bring to Those In Retirement Homes

by Lara Scolari

The beauty of art is that it often stimulates the mind. As we all age, many will like to keep their minds active. Studies by the Alzheimer’s Association in the US have shown that art, particularly abstract art, can trigger positive results for those who wish to exercise their mental faculties.This has led to a surge in demand for art to be placed in retirement homes.

Abstract art can provide various benefits in retirement homes, particularly for individuals with dementia, sight impairments such as glaucoma, and the ageing population. Some of the critical benefits of abstract art in these settings include:

1. Stimulation of the Senses

Abstract art, with its bold, large, and colourful designs, can help to stimulate the senses and engage the brain. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with dementia, who may experience a decline in cognitive function.

2. Providing a Sense of Comfort and Familiarity

Abstract art can provide a sense of familiarity and comfort for individuals with dementia, as it does not rely on recognisable imagery and can be interpreted in various ways.

3. Encouraging Creativity and Self-Expression

Abstract art can provide an outlet for creativity and self-expression for individuals with dementia and the ageing population. It can allow individuals to express themselves and their emotions through colour, shape, and form.

4. Enhancing the Visual Environment

Large, bold, and colourful abstract art can help to enhance the visual environment of a retirement home, making it more inviting and stimulating.

5. Improving Visual Acuity

For individuals with sight impairments such as glaucoma, abstract art can help to improve visual acuity by providing visual stimulation and training the brain to process visual information.


Overall, the use of abstract art in retirement homes can provide a range of benefits for dementia, sight impairments, and the ageing population, including stimulation of the senses, comfort and familiarity, encouragement of creativity and self-expression, enhancement of the visual environment, and improvement of visual acuity.

Considering the diverse range of abstract artists and their works can make a difference and improve the quality of life for many seniors and loved ones!


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